Kurt Krahn

Executive Director

Kurt Krahn joined Lakeside Community Development Corporation as its Executive Director in August 2013. As Executive Director, he is responsible for implementing the strategic direction of the Board of Directors and for day-to-day operational oversight of the agency programs, staff, funding relationships, and communications. Kurt originally joined Lakeside as its Housing Program Manager and has a wealth of experience and knowledge regarding housing programs for community residents. In his long tenure in service to the community, Kurt has served as an ESL Manager and Tutor, Asset Development Coordinator, Lead Housing Resource Developer, and Bilingual Housing Advisor. See for more information on Kurt and to connect with him professionally.

Mercedes Barajas

Bilingual Housing Specialist

Mercedes Barajas has been with Lakeside Community Development Corporation since 2012. As a bilingual Housing Specialist, she counsels clients seeking foreclosure prevention and first time home ownership assistance. Since joining Lakeside, Mercedes has completed numerous NeighborWorks workshops in foreclosure, home ownership and other topics.Prior to coming to Lakeside, Mercedes worked for almost three years with a Chicago based Spanish language school where she provided customer service to students and clients seeking translation services . Mercedes has worked as a small business loan processor in Chicago. Her knowledge and understanding of the banking world and her strong client skills make her an excellent counselor.Mercedes received a degree in broadcast communication in her native Zacatecas, Mexico, and before arriving in the United States, she spent several years as a print journalist. Her experience in communication and journalism has given Mercedes a unique skill set which allows her to communicate in both a professional and warm style.

Sarah Delgado

Condominium Program Manager

Sarah Delgado organizes education events for community associations, provides technical assistance and referrals, and delivers programs to improve the ability of condominium associations to manage their affairs effectively and efficiently. Sarah joined Lakeside in January 2014, first as a volunteer and soon after, as a Housing Counselor. She has received certification in home ownership counseling through Neighborworks America and has completed coursework in foreclosure prevention. Prior to joining Lakeside, Sarah taught financial and credit literacy courses and worked with diverse populations in neighborhood development, increasing residents’ access to resources and emergency housing in Chicago, St. Louis and Mumbai. Sarah also has experience in program development, housing research, analysis, and non-profit management. Sarah received her Master’s Degree in Social Work from Washington University in St. Louis, concentrating her studies on Social and Economic Development.