Condominium Associations

As a condominium unit owner you realize that managing your condominium association is a responsibility shared by all owners. Yet if you are like most owners, you have probably not had any formal training in this most important responsibility. This can result in frustration, confusion, and a difficult process for all.

The rights of condominium unit owners are derived from a complex series of laws, regulations and individual governing documents. These multiple laws and regulations are difficult to navigate and comprehend. Disputes regarding transparency, finances, board elections, management decisions, rules and regulations and other issues between residents and other boards are all too common.

Lakeside Community Development Corporation is the only non-profit organization in the Chicago region to provide education and technical assistance services to condominium owners and boards. Our goal is to help condominium associations foster strong and inclusive communities and to ensure that common interest communities remain an affordable and viable option for low- and moderate-income households.

Our Services

Group workshops: Lakeside offers workshops several times per month on a range of different topics. Each workshop is led by one or more knowledgeable housing professionals, who typically provide presentations, followed by question-and-answer sessions. Workshops are free or at a low cost, which includes all materials and handouts.

Technical Assistance: Sometimes, unit owners have specific questions and do not want to attend a workshop to get the answer, for us that is not a problem. Our knowledgeable staff can answer most questions or find someone who can at generally no cost for simple technical assistance.

Fee-for-service training: We provide training to associations through our popular “4 Cs: The Basics” workshop. Other times, an association may need help with a very specific issue, such as preparing for developer turnover or amending bylaws or rules and regulations. For associations with specific training needs, we offer a fee-for-service model. Each training session is set up following a free consultation to evaluate your needs and to inform whether we are the right group for you or help you find someone who is more appropriate. The cost for fee-for-service training varies depending on the location. For training conducted at our office the cost is $50 per hour for up to 5 persons, for each additional person we charge $25. If we come to your location the cost is $125 per hour for up to 5 persons, for each additional person we charge $25. Other charges may apply depending on the training, materials and/or travel charges.

There are limits to what we can provide because we are not attorneys, and we do not provide legal services. However we can refer you to one of our contacts.

For more information on how Lakeside can assist you in condominium associations, please call (773) 381-5253.

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