Lakeside recognizes that every successful landlord-tenant relationship relies on the active involvement of both parties. And like any good relationship, the success of the landlord-tenant relationship depends on mutual respect, understanding rights and responsibilities, and good communication among other things. Lakeside also recognizes that 75% of the affordable rental housing units in the Chicago region are provided by non-subsidized private landlords. Thus, we know full well that to preserve and create affordable rental housing, we need to work with and support good landlords.

We maintain information on government assistance programs for landlords, collect and distribute information on best practices, and help landlords promote the availability of rental units with listings at our office. We do this independently and in coordination with other groups, such as Community Investment Corporation and Partners for Rogers Park.

Lakeside provides group workshops, special seminars, and individual counseling assistance for the following reasons:

  • Resolve specific landlord-tenant issues by avoiding expensive and frustrating litigation
  •  Access emergency housing assistance programs, so that tenants can pay rent on time
  • Provide pre- and post-purchase housing counseling assistance to improve credit and budgeting skills
  • Advance fair housing
  • Avoid foreclosure

For information on Lakeside landlord-tenant services, please call (773) 381-5253.


Lakeside also addresses landlord issues in our advocacy and research activities. For example, in 2008, Lakeside led a citywide research project examining rental housing conditions in several Chicago communities as a part of the Preservation Compact, a regional initiative to preserve 75,000 units of rental housing in the Chicago region by 2020. Lakeside has also highlighted programs such as Energy Savers, which can provide low-cost financing for rental improvement projects, and the Safer Pest Control Project. In 2009 and 2010, Lakeside worked closely with several Rogers Park organizations to create a new Rental Improvement Fund, which would have provided grants to rental property owners to make improvements without having to raise rents beyond the reach of neighborhood residents. The campaign was opposed by the alderman, but Lakeside continues to look for creative ways to utilize existing resources more effectively. Lakeside is also part of ongoing community and citywide efforts to deal with bedbugs in a responsible and cost-effective manner.

For information on Lakeside landlord-tenant advocacy efforts, please call (773) 381-5253.